Company Profile

Company Profile

Affiliated with Sinochem Group, Sinochem Guangdong CO., LTD.(abbreviated as “Sinochem Guangdong”), founded in 1950, has evolved as a trade complex integrating export & import, domestic trade, logistics and real estate services. On top of that, the corporation has own warehouses and docks to ensure unblocked logistics service and effective integration of social resources. 

The company sticks to the concept of “Change in Change, Flexible Response and Return derived from Pay” and its mission “Whole-hearted Services and Promotion as well as the Creation of Value with Intelligence” for the purpose of offering specialized services for suppliers and customers from over 100 countries and regions. In 2003, the company passed ISO9001:2000 certification authorized by BSI.

The company's main business involves five areas of building materials, asset management, special chemicals, engineering plastics and GE Plastics. They mainly include fuel oil, construction materials, pine chemicals, chemicals , castor bean chemical products, fine chemicals. The company has also created influential brands on international and domestic markets like "LIONHEAD" rubber tube, "PANDA" medical latex gloves and so on. 

The company specializes in logistic, forestry chemicals, fine chemicals,  castor chemicals, building materials like asphalt, steel, and cement.

The company is an important sub-seller of chemical products in South China. It mainly specializes in: the import and sale of asphalt and rubber, the import and sale of common chemical and metacrylic acid ester; the entrusted import of ordinary chemical products.

Its export products include: fine chemical products like turpentine , sebacate series, zinc sulfide white pigments series, strontium barium products, photostablizer and intermediates, rubber and plastic products.

By involving itself in the fields of asphalt, cement, and steel, the company is able to provide specialized and individualized customer services; this is seen as one of the company’s most potential business.

In the future, with South China as its foothold, Sinochem seeks to excavate business resources, strengthen marketing depended on building materials and petrol and chemical products, further improve business in distribution of forestry products and chemicals in the purpose of being among influential dealers in South China.